Frequently Asked Questions

Can this software help me if I have a fairly small school?
Definitely. Our software will cut down on administrative tasks and customer service needs, freeing up time for you and your staff, so you can focus on providing a great drivers ed. experience and growing your company.
I have large school with multiple locations?
Our software is a workhorse. Driving School Software will help you manage all your locations, vehicles and instructors. It offers unparelleled flexibility and scalability, adjusting easily as your company grows. Our software will also let you adapt to new market conditions and new state rules. If you want to offer new service we can help you.
What if I haven't opened school yet?
That's not a problem. We can help you get the software set up and customized before you open, ensuring a smooth opening process and happy students and parents from day one.
If my school grows in the future? Will the software be able to handle new students and/or locations?
Absolutely. Our software will seamlessly grow with you. We don't limit the number of students or locations our software will handle. And we provide training and support that makes adding students and locations a simple task for you or your staff.
Can you customize reports for my school?
Yes. Besides the wide array of reports built into the software, we can easily create custom reports to track the data most helpful to your office.
What if I haven't opened school yet?
That's not a problem. We can help you get the software set up and customized before you open, ensuring a smooth opening process and happy students and parents from day one.
What is the setup process?
Once we receive terms of use, privacy policy and deposit, your account manager will contact you to determine level of customization. This will include custom fields, business rules for self scheduling, and more. Once we get all needed information we will proceed with software setup. AFter the software setup is completed accoint manager will contact you to start training process.
What about my existing students?
We will gladly import your existing students free of charge. Just let your account manager that you want to import existing students. We require data to be provided in electronic format (preferable Excel file format). We do re quire data to be in certain format and we will provide you with a sample of how we need information provided.
How long it takes to setup software?
It ussually takes 5-7 business days. though we have setup systems before in as many as couple of days.
What if i need to add new data fields after software is setup?
That is not a problem. Just let us know at any time if you wish to capture any additional data fields.
How do I process credit cards?
We are partnering with TNBCI for credit card processing, though you can use your own processor. The only thing that we require is account. If you want to get competitive rates we can provide you with contact information for TNBCI and they can assist you. Please note that we do not provide merchant accounts, and that you will need to set that up if you wish to accept credit card payments online.
What happens when credit card is processed?
Once the credit card is processed funds are placed directly nto your account bank account within few days. Deposit of funds is dependent on your bank and merchant account. We have no control over that aspect.
Who will I call if I have questions or need tech support?
You will be assigned a dedicated account manager when you sign up, and you'll be able to call him or her directly during business hours (9am to 5pm) or email anytime. We believe customer service is paramount to both our success and yours, so we prioritize timely and thorough responses to your questions and feedback.
How is training done?
All training is done online. Over the phone and though a web meeting. We usualy break the training into 4 sessions, though we can do more if needed at no additional cost. After each training session we expect school to start using features that they were trained on.
Is there any cost for staff training?
No. We normaly train the owners and managers of the ins and outs of the software, so that they can have full understand of the capability and how it will help school run better. Training of the schools instructors and office staff we leave to the school. Reason for that is that we do not know the technical comfort level of those employees, but more importantly every school will have a different way of introducing and rolling out the new software. So for those 2 reasons, we stay away from training office staff. However we do provide necessary support at any time.
What if something needs to be fixed?
We categorize service responses based on urgency levels. Since our software is "mission critical" we have our developers staffed 7 days a week, including major holidays, so in case that smething goes wrong during the weekend, we can fix and address the issue within 24 hours. We also have ticket management system that will allow you to view status of your requests.
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What is he cost of website?
We offer to our clients free website design services up to 5 page website design. Additionsl pages are priced at $100 per page.
What about website hosting and emails?
We offer FREE website hosting and unlimited emails at no extra cost to our software clients.
How is website maintained?
We provide website maintenance FREE of charge. We strongly oppose to the concept of clients maintenaing their own website for several reasons. #1 School owners are ususaly not tech savy and are not proficient with website design and technology. #2 We can always provide industry wide standards regarding security, integration and ideas. Just let us know what would you like to accomplish and we will privide with advice. It is in our own interesyt for you website to look good and function good.
Can my website be accessed on smartphones and tablets?
All our designs are responsive, which means the web pages automatically adjust to the device that is being viewed. This is one of the critical distintions between us and our competitors. We always push latest technology.
I am new school and dont have domain name yet?
We can help you purchase domain name, though we would advise that you purchase that yourself. Obe recomendation would be to purchase domain name through reputable organizations such as or instead of some low cost (el-ehapo) domain name registry for simple reason of quality of service. Tjose two companies are top providers in industry and have the best customer support. Saving few bucks is not worth the hastle dealing with some offshore entities.
Is your software secure?
We apply most up to date industry wide standards regarding server, application and database security. All of our pages can only be accessed over encrypted pages, so that transfer of data is protected. We are also PCI DSS Level 2 Compliant.
In addition we utilize McafeeSecure as our 3rd party provider and auditor of our system. They check our servers and application on a daily basis and probe for vulnerabilities. If one is discovered we need to make changes within 72 hours.
Where is data stored?
Our data is stored in Microsoft Azure data center in Boydton, Virginia. Data center is staffed 24/7/365 and contains state of the art physical and electronic security. Data center also has redundant internet pipes, power generators, and biometric access to staff for security. We also employ geo-redundancy for data backup, storage and failover. Click on the video below to view short video on Microsoft Azure Infrastructure.

Is data backed up?
Yes. Our data center settings perform automatic nightly backups of all customer data and our infrastructure. Backups are stored at a separate data storage facility.
Is data encrypted when I use your software?
Yes. Our entire software and service, from adminnistrative pages to online enrollment, student and staff center are all encrypted using SSL technology. Click on the video below to learn more about the SSL Certificates and technology.

I dont want my staff to be able to do whatever they want. How does that work?
Good question. As in any organization some employees should be allowed to do or see certain things and others don't. We have very detailed and extensive set of user rights thatr can control access to informtion and functionality based on their user group. So if you dont want to allow your instructors to edit lessons, we can prevent them from doing so.
Was there ever a data breach?
No, and we work hard to keep it that way.
What if my computer is damaged or the office experiences some kind of disaster?
Your data is safely saved and accessible, even if your office location experiences natural or man- made disasters. If your office is closed or damaged, your data is still safe and secure. We had clients that during major storms (Sandy, Katrina, and Florence) had minimal impact on their business, and zero impact on data access.